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RIPH Principal

  • What is hydrospeed?

    Hydrospeed, also called Riverboarding or NEV (for Nage en Eau Vive in French), is a swimming sport born in France.

  • Why RIPH?

    More and more swimmers come together around common values connected with the practice of hydrospeed.
    This spirit can often be summed up in two words: pleasure and safety.

  • Join RIPH

    Want to get involved in the promotion of hydrospeed ?
    To create a club or an association?
    Please, join RIPH!!

  • What is RIPH?

    RIPH is an international association having its seat in Switzerland.
    RIPH members are national institutions, i.e. national associations or federations working for the development of hydrospeed (or White Water Sledging).
    The RIPH International is composed of a Management Committee and of an assembly of the delegates, a delegate being the representative of a national institution.

  • L’hydrospeed, c’est quoi ?

    L’hydrospeed, aussi appelé Nage en Eau Vive ou NEV ou encore Riverboarding, est un sport de glisse qui se pratique sur les torrents et les rivières du monde entier.
    Equipé d’un flotteur, de palmes et d’une combinaison, l’hydrospeed procure des sensations fortes et est accessible à pratiquement tout le monde.

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